List of Other Products we recycle
Rubber Compound

Uncured Rubber Compound, Cured Rubber


OTR Bladder, Butly, TBR Bladder, Membrane

Cut Tires

Radial Cur Tires, Nylon Tires, OTR Tires Scrap

Natural Rubber

All grade of NBR, RSS1, RSS4 & ISNR 20 Scrap

Carbon Black

All grade of Carbon Black

Butly Rubber

All grade of Butly Rubber Scrap


Green Tires, Bandages

Synthetic Rubber

SBR 1502, SBR 1500, SBR 1712 Scrap


Butly Tube, Natural Rubber Tube, Flap

Poly Butadiene Rubber

PBR, BR 1280, Cisamer Scrap

Steel Friction

Steel Belt, Tissue, Tylon Friction

Nylon Cloth

Nylon Cloth, Polyester Cloth Scrap