The use of waste as a subproduct can be considered to be the basis of recycling. And this practice is the main method of crucial contribution, with regeneration of the environment and our surroundings.

At Ganix Rubber, we work on the basis of this idea to generate activity centred on a circular economy, which suggests boosting the use of resources that come from elements at the end of their useful life, and reinstating their presence in the production chain. This not only generates wealth, but also contributes to sustaining the natural environment.

Over the past few years it has undoubtedly come to light that natural resources such as raw materials in the production chain are progressively becoming scarce, and the concept of energy saving is becoming more and more linked to economic saving. Here is where efforts are focused to generate a new source of activity that very seriously considers and values these questions.

This reality suggests a new model of production while opening new lines of business, job creation and wealth generation, above all in the natural environment. All of this without forgetting its contribution to necessary innovation in the application of technology at the service of this philosophy in corporate activity.

At Ganix Rubber we support this pattern of activity, with deep concern for the continual adaptation to the new global context, which poses this current paradigm both in terms of economy as well as environment and society. And in this sense, we are convinced of the immense power that raising social awareness can have when promoting the creation of a general culture that normalizes recycling as standard social practice.

In summary, society and the business sector have to go hand in hand in the necessity to consolidate the presence of waste & waste tires as a main resource, to return it to usage that brings new value to the environment, Creating, using and recreating on the basis of reusing waste which, properly treated, can be recovered in the value chain through a production system that responds to current legislative measures and is subject to optimal quality standards. Reusing as much as possible so regeneration is not impossible

Our History

We work within the circular economy as an advance Crumb Rubber manufacturing with capacity for Global Supply.

Ganix Rubber is an Indian company that provides comprehensive management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste through different lines of business.

Based on reverse production models, Ganix Rubber develops its activities as part of an innovative system of collection, decontamination and recovery of waste, focused on controlled traceability from the waste supplier to the end client.

With presence in three countries in Europe and Canada, it has a multidisciplinary team of professional who certify the correct environmental treatment of each process, ensuring the quality of the fractions obtained, and respect for the environment.

All our efforts are centred on pursuing the best recovery of the components of the different types of waste that we work with, which include:

  • Scrap Tires (Rubber Compound, Tire, Nylon Friction, tissue & other scrap from tire companies)
  • HMS Metal (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap)
  • E-Waste (Battery, Computer, Mobile TV & all types of electrical scrap)
  • Plastic Waste (HDPE, PP, PVC, LDPE, PET & all types of Plastics)


Recycling – effcient, sustainable and effcient – of waste generated by society, ensuring balance in the system, both in terms of the environment and the economy, in a way that guarantees that they will be long-lasting.


To be a global operator in the recycling chain, with the ability to unite all sectors (industrial and consumption). To provide comprehensive management that guarantees the processes of transformation into fractions, of quality and specifications, to incorporate the flows of the market as a secondary raw material and in this way help to minimize the need to consume natural resources.
History & Evolution
Our company meets the legislative requirements that the markets and administrations have established for the correct development of activity in environmental matters, of quality and social responsibility.

Likewise, Ganix Rubber Recycling Pvt. Ltd. internally applies fundamental principles which have guaranteed the path which has led us to where we are now.